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Do you have mold growing in your home? Have you tried to get rid of mold on your own only to find that it grows back a short time later? Tacoma Water Damage Repair can help, we provide mold removal & mold remediation Tacoma to get rid of your mold, while making sure it won’t come back. Contact us for a free quote on Tacoma Mold Removal services. 

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A mold infestation is usually caused by one thing, excess moisture in your home. The excess moisture can come from bad ventilation, flooding that wasn’t taken care of, slow leaks, and a number of other reasons. Some areas of your home, such as the crawl space, basement or attic are more prone to moisture issues, and you are less likely to notice mold growing there because they don’t see as much traffic as other areas of your home. However, just because mold starts growing in your basement, doesn’t mean it won’t spread through the rest of your property. If you do have mold in your home it can damage your home, but it can also lead to health issues. That’s why when you have a mold problem, you should call someone you know can get rid of it quickly and thoroughly. Call Tacoma Water Damage Repair for mold remediation in Tacoma, we are IICRC certified so you know we’ll get the job done right.

What’s The Difference Between Mold Remediation & Mold Removal in Tacoma?

Most people use the terms mold removal & mold remediation interchangeably, especially if they aren’t in the industry. The truth is that to the consumer, they pretty much mean the same thing, which is ” I need to get rid of my mold problem”.  However, mold removal is really only one piece of the mold remediation process. Mold removal means exactly what it sounds like it means, the removal of mold. Mold removal doesn’t address the root cause of the mold, which is why if you’ve ever bought mold removal chemicals, the mold doesn’t stay gone for long. Mold remediation addresses the reason you had mold in the first place. Because mold is caused by excess moisture, in order to make sure the mold stays gone, you have to fix the moisture issues. It’s also worth noting that if you have a large enough mold infestation, it can cause wood rot and otherwise damage your home, so, mold remediation also includes mold damage repair as well. At Tacoma Water Damage Repair, yes, we provide mold removal, but it is just one part of our comprehensive mold remediation in Tacoma WA. Get a free quote on mold remediation and breathe easier knowing we’ve gotten rid of the mold for good.


Our Tacoma Mold Remediation Process

It doesn’t matter why you have mold growing in your home, if you do you should get rid of the problem before it gets worse. When you call Tacoma Water Damage Repair for mold remediation in Tacoma, we will ask questions to get a better idea about the mold problem you are facing. If you aren’t sure you have mold yet, we may refer you to a mold inspection or mold testing company, as we do not provide those services. However, if there is mold and we think we can assist, we will schedule a time to come and take a look at the issue. Our Tacoma mold removal technicians will first find the cause of the mold and fix the moisture issues so that no new mold will grow. Next, we will find where the mold has grown in your home and get rid of it, no matter where it’s hiding. Finally, we will repair any damage that was caused by the mold so that your home is in the condition it was in before you had mold. Once we’re done, if the mold damage is covered by your insurance policy, we will directly bill your insurance provider so you don’t have to worry about the paperwork. When you need mold remediation in Tacoma, remember to call the experts at Tacoma Water Damage Repair, so you can be sure the mold is gone once and for all.

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Mold can damage your home and is bad for your health. That’s why at the first sign of mold, you should address the issue as soon as possible. Tacoma Water Damage Repair is available to provide both residential and commercial clients with comprehensive mold remediation in Tacoma WA and to other cities within our service area. We also provide a number of other disaster restoration services in Tacoma, including: Water damage restoration, storm damage cleanup, basement flood repair, sewage cleanup, ceiling leak water damage repair, and fire damage restoration. We are always happy to provide you with a free quote on these services or mold removal in Tacoma, Parkland, University Place, GrahamKent, Fife, Gig Harbor, Lacey, Spanaway, Issaquah, Bellevue, Auburn,  Lakewood, Shelton, Renton, Bremerton,  Federal Way, South Hill, Olympia, Tumwater, Maple Valley, Seatac, Puyallup, and beyond. Talk to our certified Tacoma mold removal professionals by calling 253-243-2171 or simply contact us online.

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At Tacoma Water Damage Repair, we do more than just water damage restoration. We are on call 24/7 for all of your residential & commercial disaster restoration needs. That means you can contact us anytime for fire damage repair, mold remediation, water damage restoration, flood & basement flood cleanup, storm damage repair, ceiling leak water damage repair, and sewage backup cleanup in Tacoma & the surrounding areas.

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