Complete Mold Remediation Puyallup WA

When you have mold growth and mold damage in Puyallup, count on Tacoma Water Damage Repair. In addition to mold removal in Puyallup, our mold remediation company will repair the damage and treat the cause of mold so it cannot come back. Contact Tacoma Water Damage Repair to receive a free consultation for mold remediation Puyallup WA.

Mold Remediation Puyallup WA

Mold Inspection & Mold Removal in Puyallup WA

When you contact Tacoma Water Damage Repair for mold remediation Puyallup WA, a member of our team will provide a free consultation right over the phone. The technician you speak with is a certified mold specialist who will gather important information and answer any questions you may have. Our mold remediation company in Puyallup WA will schedule a time to visit your property and visually check for mold and take any needed air samples. Tacoma Water Damage Repair will locate mold in even the most difficult to access areas including under flooring, between walls, in HVAC systems, and in attics, basements and crawlspaces.

Once mold is located, our team gets to work on mold removal in Puyallup. Tacoma Water Damage Repair will use a specially formulated fungicide to kill the type of mold present and use tools designed for mold removal to rid your space of mold and spores. We then get to work on the repair of mold damage in Puyallup. Contact Tacoma Water Damage Repair today for a free consultation on mold removal services.

Repair & Reconstruction of Mold Damage in Puyallup WA

Once we have taken care of mold removal in Puyallup, Tacoma Water Damage Repair will get to work on repair and reconstruction of mold damage. Mold can damage cosmetic areas of your property by staining drywall and ceilings and rotting trim and mold. Mold damage in Puyallup can also affect support and structural materials like columns, joists, beams, flooring, and other areas. No matter the damage your property has sustained, Tacoma Water Damage Repair is the mold remediation company in Puyallup WA that can handle all needed commercial and residential mold damage repair.

Tacoma Water Damage Repair will first take care of needed demolition services. Once mold damaged building materials are removed, we get to work on their repair and replacement. Next, we get to work on mold remediation Puyallup WA. Tacoma Water Damage Repair will treat any excess moisture in your property, preventing mold from coming back. We especially look for any previous sewage backups, ceiling or roof leaks, flooding, storm damage, or other water damage that may be the cause of extra moisture or humidity in your space. Tacoma Water Damage Repair will handle these areas and then remove any debris. our team then adds finishing touches like fresh paint, wallpaper, and carpet, restoring your space to the condition it was in before the damage occurred. If you have mold in your home or business, contact the experts from Tacoma Water Damage Repair for complete mold remediation Puyallup WA.


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At Tacoma Water Damage Repair, we do more than just water damage restoration. We are on call 24/7 for all of your residential & commercial disaster restoration needs. That means you can contact us anytime for fire damage repair, mold remediation, water damage restoration, flood & basement flood cleanup, storm damage repair, ceiling leak water damage repair, and sewage backup cleanup in Tacoma & the surrounding areas.

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