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Visible mold growth and musty smells are signs that you may have a mold infestation. If you have confirmed that there is mold growing in your home, Tacoma Water Damage Repair can get rid of the mold once and for all. We fix the source of the mold so it won’t come back. Contact us for free estimate on comprehensive mold removal & mold remediation Olympia WA. 

Mold Removal Olympia WA

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When you have excess moisture or improper ventilation in your home, it can lead to a mold infestation. Mold generally likes to grow in moist places, like your basement or crawlspace, and because these areas usually have more moisture than the rest of your house. Because these areas of your home have less foot traffic than the rest of your home, you may not even notice that you have mold growing in your home. Sometimes mold growth can be localized to the area with moisture issues, but from time to time, the mold can begin to grow and spread, before you know it you have a full blown infestation. Mold can get inside the ventilation system, in the walls, and in other places that aren’t visible, but that doesn’t mean it can’t cause health issues. At the first sign of mold in your home, you should contact the professional Olympia Mold remediation technicians at Tacoma Water Damage Repair. We are on call to provide commercial and residential mold removal in Olympia WA.

Mold Remediation VS. Mold Removal Olympia WA

You may not know the difference between mold removal and mold remediation in Olympia. While these words may be used interchangeably, they are very different services. Mold removal, simply put, is removing mold that may have grown in your home. Usually this is the first thing that homeowners try when they have mold growing in their home, however, when you simply remove the mold in your home, it doesn’t address the cause that the mold was growing in the first place. Often after getting rid of mold, you’ll find that it has started to grow back a short time later. Mold remediation, on the other hand, starts at the source of the mold growth. By getting rid of the excess moisture and fixing the reason why there is extra moisture in your property, we can stop the mold from coming back again. Once the source has been repaired, our mold remediation technicians will find and remove any mold that may have grown in your home. You know that when we leave, the mold wont come back. When are looking for the best, most comprehensive mold removal & mold remediation Olympia WA, contact Tacoma Water Damage Repair.


Our Mold Remediation Process in Olympia WA

Slow leaks, standing water from a sump pump, ventilation issues, these are just a few of the reasons that mold might be growing in your home or business. When you have mold in your home, it can be difficult to get rid of without the right experience and equipment. Our Olympia mold removal professionals use state of the art equipment to locate all of the mold in your home, and after we have fixed the initial cause of the mold growth, we remove any mold that may have grown. We will also repair any damage that the mold may have caused, such as wood rot or stains on your drywall. Our goal is to clean up and restore your home, while making sure that the mold is gone once and for all. When you need mold remediation or mold removal Olympia WA, contact Tacoma Water Damage Repair for a free consultation.

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Don’t let mold continue to grow in your home, not only can it damage your home, old lowers the air quality of your home and can be harmful to your health. When you have mold in your home, you should contact a certified mold remediation technician in Olympia to get rid of the for good. Tacoma Water Damage Repair is fully licensed and certified to provide commercial & residential mold removal Olympia WA. We also provide a number of other disaster restoration services to residential and commercial clients throughout our service area. Services such as sewage backup cleanup, basement flood cleanup, storm damage restoration, ceiling leak water damage repair, water damage restoration and fire damage repair in Olympia WA. You can call us 24/7 if you need any of our services in Federal Way, Lacey, Renton, University Place, Bremerton, Spanaway, Issaquah, Bellevue, Auburn, Parkland, Lakewood, Federal Way, Gig Harbor, Fife, Shelton, GrahamKent, Maple Valley, Seatac, Puyallup, Tumwater, South Hill, Tacoma, and Olympia. Our team will give you a free estimate on mold removal Olympia if you give us a call at 253-243-2171 or contact us online.

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At Tacoma Water Damage Repair, we do more than just water damage restoration. We are on call 24/7 for all of your residential & commercial disaster restoration needs. That means you can contact us anytime for fire damage repair, mold remediation, water damage restoration, flood & basement flood cleanup, storm damage repair, ceiling leak water damage repair, and sewage backup cleanup in Tacoma & the surrounding areas.

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